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About Steampunk

Steampunk partners with libraries, community centers & schools. We provide a comprehensive STEM education solution that is tailored to each education center.


Whether you're planning a half-day workshop, or a multi-year initiative to improve STEM education, we provide course content and hardware that that is tailored to your needs.


Who Are We?

Steampunk Education is a social enterprise with the mission of changing the way students learn about STEM.


Instead of targeting individual students, Steampunk looks to make more of an impact by creating educational content for the staff of education centres. The educational content, which is available on online learning platforms like Skillshare, is bundled with kits that the staff can use in the classroom.

Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 5.43.22 AM.png


Also.... we like Robots

We like STEM stuff. A lot. And so our main goal is to provide the tools so that you can encourage your students to grow and challenge themselves. STEM can be this fun.  

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